Sold out of all my old black and white sketch corps, so I’m putting together a newer one which means cleaning up a bunch of old pictures and drawing a million more based on snatches I find that are too …

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I never know what you’re talking about. I don’t understand why we’re going steady, it seems like it just happened?


@friendshipedition has a new theme!  200% less ugly.  A few bits still need to be added but we’re looking good and cute. Hover your mouse over us on desktop i dare ya. 


friendshipedition: Big Announcement! Friendship Edition has a new anthology coming out at TCAF, May 14th & 15th. It’s a 36 page anthology of short comics and art in a pretty rasberry & blue riso book. We are:Erin Rei – erinrei.com …

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romanticidejack: #overheardintoronto #doodles


romanticidejack: Actually I can never feel my face but when you’re around I spend less time worrying about it #theweeknd #whathaveyoudone


romanticidejack: Found my dragon age steed, but its not rideable. Apparently it just gets annoyed and flips out and kills people, which really is exactly what I look for in a steed. #doodles #dragonage #nakedmoleratboarthing


romanticidejack: #badmoodstorage #doodle #lifehacks #apartmenttherapy #homediy

nsfwhoeven: The weird thing about having really intense insomnia, that I wouldn’t have predicted, is this habit to play dead when other people are waking up and walking around and doing their things. Like, I wouldn’t be disturbing anyone to …

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platformerpower: Somerville System: TBA Status: In Development Release: TBA Developer: Chris Olsen Website: somervillegame.com / somervillegame.tumblr.com / forums.tigsource.com Description: “SOMERVILLE at it’s core is an episodic cinematic platformer with responsive shooter mechanics. It draws influence from my beloved days of …

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