Process work and tutorials.


I have created a script! MWA HAH HAH.  This is actually nothing new, I in fact frequently create scripts, but this is the first one I’ve cleaned up enough to release on the internet. This is a script for Illustrator …

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This is an illustration I’ve been meaning to do for years of a woman with a giant bottom on a toilet surrounded by books. I dig deep into the river of human experience for my imagery.

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The page mocked up with approximations of the print colours in photoshop.

I made my comic for the anthology is an utterly different way than I ever have before, and I wanted to show some of the progress images of my amazing stupid journey.

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I’m learning Cinema 4D and it’s driving me crazy that it’s navigation is so different than pretty much every single other program on the face of the earth. (How is space bar not pan? Huh?) I made up this cheat …

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I was just discussing with my roommate/Person I Chat With Art Art/Game Theory/friend/concept artist Rachel Kahn about the Importance Of Talking About Stuff On The Internet, and am currently watching all the GDC talks on the internet, and decided I should start documenting …

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