friendship edition

Have you seen friendship edition lately? We have a new logo. Jenn Woodall and Trevor Henderson have got the mock ups of their awesome upcoming zines, which are badass.


An option for getting you mitts on some sweet, sweet Gillian Blekkenhorst merch.

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Creepy Coffee will be launching this Saturday at Bit Bazaar! Come by, 11am – 7pm.


I will be tabling at Canzine this Saturday!  Unfortunately there will be no new work from me this year, but you can pick up my zines, prints, and mobiles there. Hope to see you!    


I didn’t update it here, but hopefully you’ve been following friendship edition and knew that we debuted our first anthology at TCAF this past weekend!  We sold out early on Sunday, and I’m just so pleased with how great it …

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Dames Making Games poster

Hey guys!  My game Cuddlegeddon will be showing at the AGO as part of the Long Winter Arcade!     Looks like I’m listed as “Gilliam”, but don’t worry, it’s me, and I might be there.   See more details …

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I’ll be selling Poor Jack mobiles, PSA, and (maybe?) something new at BIT BAZAAR this Saturday!  Click the pic for more details and exhibitors.  A friendly chunk of friendship edition & friends will be there as well, plus games and …

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I’m learning Cinema 4D and it’s driving me crazy that it’s navigation is so different than pretty much every single other program on the face of the earth. (How is space bar not pan? Huh?) I made up this cheat …

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This upcoming weekend is TCAF kids!  I’ll be letting you know all about it as soon as I know all about it.  In the mean time, LET ME TELL YOU about some COMICS VERSES GAMES adventures happening in association with …

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Vote for Beat now!   My friends are up for a prize at the Charles Street Video competition! I did the drawn animations in the pitch video, and I’ll be doing some production design on the final film. (as is …

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