garbage.  it’s not like she even tries to keep it a secret, either. 


Somebody tell me how you put ink drawings on the internet because I have so many of them and they don’t look as nice on the internet as they do in real life


I have a whole plot with this couple where wife convinces husband to teach her how to pick up the dragon slaying family business after some traumatic event he can’t bring himself to talk about capsizes his career and multiple …

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My witchsona from last year, for you again because I haven’t time for a new draw this year, and I’m feeling as fungal and brassy as ever. In other news, I am production designing this week (and the next few.) …

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Fanart of Peter Grant from the Rivers of London! This is not a very good likeness of what he looks like in my head, but I like the floating vestiga and his little werelight.