Play our game from Toronto Global Game Jam 2015! It’s called Aggie vs the Forest. illustratingmary did the art and suburban-mythology did the writing and programming! There are bugs but you should be able to win. Maybe someday we will …

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Click on the image to look at the game.

I have been working on a little game engine through which to showcase some game art. It took way longer than expected to work the bugs out, but I have finally defeated HTML5 and Phaser to release this little art …

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Prepare for CREEPY COFFEE as it lands at Bento Miso’s Bit Bazaar this Saturday!


EMBODIFY THYSELF! My #adhoctober game! Still working out some issues so I can upload it, then work some more! You, a disembodied demon, possess children and force them to perform the ritual summoning of yourself.  You can now play the …

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I realize I never did update with the final of those mobiles I was working on. I still haven’t really taken a great beauty shot of it, but I did have to clean up a candid to apply to an …

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Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 6.23.15 PM

This is the first game I made in Jeuxly. If you look carefully there’s a giant throat in it. Walk with the arrow keys, interact with the “x” key.

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pixel art MADDNESS

The past month I’ve been participating is this awesome incubator, Jeuxly, hosted by Dames Making Games.  We met at Bento Miso (a collaorative workspace for game and web devs near Trinity Bellwoods park) twice a week, and they herded me …

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  First actual set of prints pulled!  Just as the weather was getting a wee bit too cold. I can’t wait for spring and more screen printy goodness. After all that rigamaroll, it’s a good thing I enjoy it.


Look! Looklooklooklook! In zee studio! Still bumpy, but functional! and: cold as tits.