gblekkenhorst: I switched my blogs up, and because of tumblrs idiotic policy of not allowing you to switch primary and secondary blogs, I just made a whole new account. GILLIANS ART BLOG:    @gblekkenhorst GILLIANS REBLOG BLOG :  @romanticidejack This …

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sweatypalmszine: sweatypalmszine: Sweaty Palms is an autobiographical comics anthology focused on stories about anxiety. The book contains more than 350 pages of beautiful black and white stories by 50 incredible indie cartoonists. The contributors have been generous enough to share …

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quick and dirty sketch on the new tablet. Wow my computer is old, it lags like MADNESS.

A video posted by Laura Harte (@laurasweetharte) on May 13, 2016 at 7:55pm PDT sweetharte: COME AND BUY THIS!! Amazing art by @verwho @sob_comix @gblekkenhorst @trevorhenderson @funeralbeat @rabidfurr @erinreii and me, @laurasweetharte #zineculture (at Toronto Reference Library)


aplacebothwonderfulandstrange: friendshipedition: Look at all the cool books we’re debuting at TCAF this weekend! We’ve all been so busy getting comics and zines ready. We’re super jazzed for the weekend! We’ll be debuting the 2nd volume of our group anthology, …

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romanticidejack: Why make things easy on yourself? why not make one book that requires four covers, and then decide each of those covers requires its own floral motif? That’s fun, right?


I’m going to have so many new things for sale at TCAF! First up is a page from my comic I haven’t figured out the name of yet but am tentatively calling “the boarder”. It is a ghost slash love …

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romanticidejack: For release at tcaf! Passionate About Proper Dishwashing Behavior can now be stored adjacent to your sink arsenal and join you on your kitchen cleansing quests! #tcaf #zines #dishwashing #tinyillustratedbook


friendshipedition: friendship edition cleaned up this months issue (#71) of Broken Pencil! (@brokenpencilmag) First off, @illustratingmary​ did the illustrations for one of the cover stories, the Deathmatch winners!  @featurecreature​‘s co-curated art zine with @comicbooktakeover​ You Approach A Dark Manor was …

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friendshipedition: Big Announcement! Friendship Edition has a new anthology coming out at TCAF, May 14th & 15th. It’s a 36 page anthology of short comics and art in a pretty rasberry & blue riso book. We are:Erin Rei – erinrei.com …

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